Sunday, February 3, 2008

The New Flat

Here are some pictures of my new place. The roommates are great and it's a beautiful house. I'm really happy here, I think this will be a more permanent arrangement than my previous couple of places. If you want to see it on a map click on the address in the sidebar. My phone number is 64 4 586 9659 in case anybody wants to give me a call, I love getting calls.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Things really do just seem to work out, somehow...

For the last couple weeks I've been stressed out about money and housing. My temp gigs weren't coming in like I had hoped, I was having a hard time finding a permanent job (I still am), and I was quickly running out of money. At the same time my flat mates and I were trying to figure out how to stay in the house we're in after the current lease holders move to the south island at the end of this week.

Things went from bad to worse, we were having trouble filling the extra rooms and the rest of us would have to foot the bill for the extra rent, as well as the extra bond. Meanwhile I'm still running out of money, and nobody knew what was going to happen.

Now we know, everybody is moving out. I'm going to Auckland this weekend for the Big Day Out concert and I'll have to move before Wednesday next week.

I'll move into a hostel for a few nights until I can move in here:

It's a historic building, fully furnished and maintained by the city. Amy's mother works for the department that doles out council flats and she arranged for it, thanks Jane! The best part about it is it's location, that big round building about 2 blocks to the north east, that's the beehive, New Zealand's Capital Building...

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I'll also be starting my new job next week! It's nothing permanent yet but my flatmate Liz really came through for me. Thanks Liz!

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