Monday, January 18, 2010

Road Trip: West and North of the South Island... Part 2

I wish I could remember where we were when I took these next photos.  It's  a beach in the upper part of the South Island, probably somewhere near Abel Tazman National Park, maybe near Motueka?  At any rate, it's probably the most beautiful place I've ever been.  These pictures just don't do it justice...

At some point as we're walking around we spotted this guy crouched by a pool.  We got curious so we took a closer look...

The pool was filled with baby seals playing around.  There were several adult seals around keeping an eye on them and they didn't seem too worried about us so we stayed and took lots of pictures.

This was the most memorable trip to the beach ever.  Our next stop was Blenheim where we sampled quite a lot of wine, more on that later.

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